John Duggan talks about banking data | Loanitt
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  • haris
  • September 13, 2022

Having secured an open banking licence, Loanitt wants to shake up the Irish mortgage market and raise €5m

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Loanitt is launching a new open banking brand called Kyiper, and it plans to make it easier for mortgage holders to access the best deals. Co-founder John Duggan talks about banking data, the future of finance and European expansion plans.


2022 promises to be a big year for Loanitt, Ireland’s largest finance intermediary. Founded by former bankers John Duggan and Padraig Nolan, the company’s financial advisors KPMG will next month begin a €5 million Series A funding round for the business as it seeks strategic venture capital investors in Britain and Europe. Ahead of this, the firm has also just launched its new open banking brand, Kyiper, after it secured an Account Information Service Provider Licence (AISPL) in November. The licence gives it connectivity to thousands of bank networks after an arduous three-and-a-half-year approval process with the Central Bank. Getting…