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  • haris
  • September 13, 2022

As it prepares to kick off a Series A funding round, Irish fintech Loanitt has signed a major partnership with Three

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Loannit COO Padraig Nolan, CTO Keith Doyle and CEO John Duggan. PIC. Bryan Meade.

Loanitt aims to make it easier for mortgage holders to access the best deals. Having just secured an open banking licence, it has now signed a major deal with mobile phone giant Three.


Irish fintech Loanitt has agreed a partnership with mobile phone company Three to become its first exclusive mortgage provider. Loanitt, founded by former bankers John Duggan and Padraig Nolan, now intends to offer Three’s 750,000 customers a range of mortgage services – from getting mortgage ready, to applying for a mortgage, to switching lenders. “This is an absolute first,” said Duggan, the chief executive of Loanitt. “They have never previously worked with any finance provider.” Loanitt is the largest financial intermediary in Ireland, but Duggan said the deal with Three was only for mortgage products. “For the moment we are…